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Photo Credits: Yululate

Good news for foodies. Kenya’s premier business review website, Yululate, has partnered with restaurants in Nairobi to make their menus available online. The website now has menus from restaurants, hotels, cafes, fast food joints, bars and pubs alongside their profiles.

The website’s vision is to connect businesses and consumers as well as give consumers a chance to find, rate and review local businesses and services.

Yululate is the first business review website in Kenya to have online menus.  “We aren’t just helping you with the decision on where and what to eat before going out, we are also making it easier for you when ordering in”, Imran Khan, founder and Director of Yululate says.

This feature was announced during a Food Tasting Event on 28th April at Slims Restaurant where the restaurant also launched a new menu.

Yululate has registered over 2,000 businesses in the food and travel industry, health and medical services, financial services, real estate, lifestyle and autos industry on the website alongside their photos, contact details, location and reviews. Consumers can now search for businesses, products and services by location and preference and are able to get all the information required to make informed decisions.

The platform allows for consumers to rant or vent at bad service and products. “We want to empower the consumer by giving them a voice to demand better services and products through reviews,” says Imran Khan.

Yululate also gives SME’s a chance to break down the digital divide and catch up with big businesses dominating digital platforms. 75% of Kenyan population has access to the internet and over half of them search for great services and products on search engines. By optimizing every business’s page on the website, Yululate offers SME’s the affordable opportunity to be found and to rank on search engines when consumers are searching for their services and products. Yululate attaches key words to every business’s page in order to increase the chance of being found online without necessarily having a website.

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