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Sharon Otieno’s Mistake was Choosing a Sponsored Life

The late Sharon Otieno
The late Sharon Otieno. Photo courtesy of Daily Nation.

Sharon Otieno has been the topic for the past couple of days in the media and online. The debate over the sponsored life and the theories of what led to her murder are rife on social media. Knowing Kenyans she will be the topic until another more appealing one arises. She was abducted, tortured, raped, and stabbed severally, 8 times to be precise, including a stab to her unborn baby, and bled to death.

The 26-year-old second-year student at Rongo University was allegedly in a relationship with a politician. She was seven months pregnant. She was a mother of two, from a previous marriage. What people choose to do with their lives, is none of our business.

Typical Student Scenario

Step away from Sharon Otieno for a bit. Let’s analyze the life of a typical Kenyan university student. You have lived in poverty your whole life. You struggle to achieve good grades to have you admitted to the university. Your parents are struggling to pay your school fees.

The promise of a great future after graduation is neither here nor there. Each year, universities are churning out fresh graduates. Jobs are scarce. Taxes, on the other hand, are increasing by the day. The cost of living keeps skyrocketing. Instead of creating a conducive environment for your future, the government is busy over-milking an already starving cow. To add salt to an already festering wound, you hear of corruption scandals in high places every other day. The future looks grim.

Sponsored Life Choice

As a young girl, you have one asset that no one can take from you. Beauty! You may not even know that it is an asset until you start receiving attention. Even people who the age of your father may come after you. Some of them in high places.

You see the possibility of a bright future after doing a cost-benefit analysis. Yes, you have been brought up well. You are aware of the dangers you can expose yourself to should you choose this path. But you have been presented with an open cheque. To hell with morality! Will morality pay your next tuition? Will it feed you? Alas! Your beauty. Your meal ticket.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves on Sharon Otieno’s murder case. We don’t know the full details, and speculations will not help a family that is mourning their daughter.¬†No amount of analysis and theories will bring her back.¬†Magunga put it plainly, that Kenya loves to hate its women. This is the same script different cast. Even if she was on the wrong, dating another woman’s husband, did she deserve the death she had? May justice prevail for the family of Sharon Otieno.

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