About Mwanadada

Skiza Mwanadada Initiative is a non-profit that works to nurture, empower and transform young women, persons living with HIV, disabilities, and teen mothers to advocate for their spaces, to be independent, self-reliant, and key players in their community.

We provide age-appropriate, comprehensive sex, reproductive, and mental health education. The aim is to promote self-awareness among young people and equip young people with information to make informed decisions concerning their reproductive health. 

‘Mwanadada’ is Swahili for Girl Child. We major in multimedia storytelling to highlight stories about the girl child at different stages of life. We also highlight stories affecting the woman and the girl child, told from different perspectives. We are aware that we can never isolate women and girls if we want to develop effective programs. This is the reason we take a gender-inclusive approach in our stories and programs.

Mwanadada Development Organization uses a holistic approach to better the lives of African women. The following core values guide us:

  1. Boldness in owning our stories
  2. Building Strong Communities
  3. Empowerment through Education

Our Programs:

Multimedia SRHR Education & Mental Health Awareness

To empower young people in making informed decisions regarding their sexuality, we must start engaging them in conversations on their sexuality. We do this through workshops, peer to peer education and through parent sensitization.  

Adolescence is a stage that sometimes comes with a lot of identity crisis and mental health problems. We take a holistic approach and address the issues faced by young people during this stage. These issues include mental health and self-awareness.

We recognize that the ideal first source of information to children should be parents. It, however, may not be the case in contemporary society. To actualize this perfect situation, we have a virtual support group for parents on Facebook to help parents discuss teenage sexuality with their children. We will roll out other support groups targeting different ages soon, as the need arises.

(Click here to join our parents’ support group today)

WASH & Menstrual Health Awareness Programs

Teenage sexuality and reproductive health education cannot be complete without menstrual health awareness. We have programs reinforcing good hygiene practices among young people and best practices on managing menstrual hygiene and health.

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