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Baby Showers are a Waste of Time and Resources

Baby Showers
Baby Showers

Recently I saw a comment on social media along the lines of holding baby showers is a waste of time and resources. The person suggested that people should have business showers to celebrate entrepreneurship Instead.

I like the idea of celebrating entrepreneurship. I like the idea of coming together to support a friend with resources to start a new venture. My question is, should one thing replace another?

My point is that being social beings, we value the different expressions of friendship. Holding baby showers is one of the many expressions of friendship.  It’s surrounding yourself with positive influencers whose attributes eventually rub off on you.

The aspect of surprising a  mother-to-be with your presence and gifts is heartwarming. It is not even about the gifts, it is more about the thought behind the whole event.

Some initiatives like Still A Mum hold rainbow baby showers. Rainbow babies are babies gotten after a miscarriage. The baby showers are held for a group of mothers who are expecting rainbow babies. They get to talk to gynecologists, nutritionists, and other specialists during the events. This promotes safe motherhood.

See what the evolution of an idea from one concept can do? Ideas are great and people need to act on them. If the idea to start business showers appeals to you, then by all means, start it. I even think that it is already being done in chamas– small investment groups. Just don’t discredit other peoples’ choices of expressing friendship.

We would be doing a disservice to our social lives if we decided to block certain aspects and concentrate on others. I think that we need to be balanced in life. Having some extreme point-of-view makes one come out as a bitter person who is not happy for others. I will talk about some reasons for women not wanting to be involved in such celebrations in a later post.

I am not discounting the fact that everyone is entitled to their opinion, and the right to express it. On the flip side, judging other people for their choices is also wrong. You don’t know everyone’s story.

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