Vote for Mwanadada Total Startupper of the year Challenge

Total Startupper of the year challenge vote mwanadada
Total Startupper of the Year Vote
Total Startupper of the Year Vote

The Total Startupper of the year challenge voting phase is open. We, Mwanadada SRHR communications are among the entrants. We need your votes to help us proceed to the next step. Help us vote and spread the word.

Why are we participating?

If you have been following the news in Kenya for the past month, you must have seen the horrifying reality of teenage pregnancies. During Kenya’s national schools’ exams, an alarming number of girls were reported to be pregnant or in labour, and so couldn’t take the exam. In just one county, 72 girls taking the exams were pregnant while 38 gave birth before the test.

Therefore, Mwanadada has a solution that would give Age Appropriate Comprehensive Sex Education at scale to young people between 10-18 years. If our idea wins the Total Startupper of the Year challenge, we will get funding to pilot our idea. This project has the potential to reduce the number of teenage pregnancies, HIV infections and delay the sexual debut in teenagers. Here’s how you can be part of the solution and keep our girls in school longer.

To increase our chance of being selected as a finalist, we can now share and promote our project to as many followers as possible on social media. Please share this link on your social media accounts so that your friends can “like” our project. Beware that only the « Likes » that are collected from the Total Startupper of the Year dedicated Website will be counted. The total amount of “likes” will be converted into a score that will count for 10% of our overall score.

How do you vote?

  1. Click on this link.
  2. Like this project button. (It’s a blue button on the bottom.)
  3. Then sign up to vote.
  4. Login to the website either with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or with an email address.
  5. Come back and click this link to take you to our project- Mwanadada SRHR Communications.
  6. You’re almost there, click like this project button. Thank you for your vote! We appreciate it.
  7. One more thing before you leave. You can click the share button to share on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or copy link to share on Whatsapp, Instagram.

Thank you for your support. Vote! Vote! Vote! And please do share. Thank you for your support.


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