Kiss bad hair days goodbye with Mizani Hair Care products by L’Oreal

Mizani products
Mizani products
Mizani products

Mizani has come to solve African hair problems:

I have undone my braids and I don’t like the way my hair looks.

My hair has been damaged by chemical relaxers, and now I can’t style it as desired.

Only an African woman can truly understand the struggles associated with the two statements. We all like good looking hair and it may somehow affect our mood or even confidence level.

Every girl must have a number of tricks up her sleeve to maintain healthy, beautiful and well-kept hair at all times. This is the reason L’Oreal has launched MIZANI range of hair care products in the African market, designed to restore the normal PH balance of your hair even when it is relaxed. Each MIZANI formula is customized to suit the individual needs of each hair type. That’s good news as no one product fits all.

Through its advanced research, MIZANI products use  Bond pHorce Breakthrough Technology to restore balance to all hair types. The balance refers to the moisture protein equilibrium that endows hair with the strength and flexibility it needs to stay healthy. Hence the Swahili term for Balance- MIZANI.

They have a wide range of hair care products ranging from shampoos, conditioners, treatments, relaxers and styling products designed to meet specific needs of diverse hair types.

The natural hair movement has not been left behind. Through poetry and artistic expression, MIZANI captured the pure essence of natural hair, bringing to life five looks with multiple hair types that will inspire natural hair wearers or those considering to embrace their natural tresses and maintain healthy hair. You can also be inspired to start your journey to natural hair. MIZANI has a range of products called true texture, which is meant for natural hair. This line is paraben and wax free.

MIZANI hair care products are reasonably priced, ranging from $8- $35.

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