Five Pro Eye Makeup Tips for Hypersensitive Eyes

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Are you annoyed of your constantly teary bloodshot eyes like I am? I have hypersensitive eyes. Eye sensitivity can be caused by several things, mine are sensitive to sunlight. I stick to wearing shades a lot but that doesn’t allow me to show off my heavy makeup jobs. And no matter how good your eye makeup is, a reddened teary eye can just mess up the whole look. So, today I’ll share with you a few tips that I use before applying my eye makeup and they are of great help.

  • Take anti-allergy:

Anti-allergy medications or antihistamine can help a lot before you start applying your eye makeup. If you plan on wearing a heavy eye makeup and you know that your eyes are sensitive and might get teary, pop a pill half an hour before you start putting your makeup on. Of course everyone doesn’t like taking a tablet for this (petty as per them) reason, for those individuals eye drops can serve as a good solution.

  • Prime It Up:

Never a day has gone by when I didn’t wear my eye makeup without a primer. Partially because I like to wear my foundation after I’m done applying my eye makeup; this technique doesn’t let the flecks of eye shadow smudge my cheeks. So to provide a surface to stick to for my eye shadow, I always use a primer. It helps control the allergic reaction that products might trigger by serving as a barrier between my skin and product.

  • Look Out For Carmine:

This is what I call nipping the problem in its bud. Carmine is a product derived from an insect, and it is used in products of pink, purple and red tints. Even though the carminic acid is refined before being used in the final product, it doesn’t lose its ability to cause skin agitation. The intensity with which the skin reacts to carminic acid is different in different people; some might notice the side effects right and some might feel it weeks later. Once you’ve discovered that you’re allergic to it, steer clear from it by looking for carmine or its synonymous identifications such as red #4, carminic acid, C.I. 75470 or E120.

  • Hypoallergenic Makeup:

Your safest bet is to buy eye makeup that is designed specifically for easily irritated eyes. Nowadays, there are a million brands out there that sell hypoallergenic makeup, specially for eyes. These products are manufactured by steering clear of products that are obviously harmful to eyes in both short and long-term. Mostly, the ingredients comprise of natural derivatives. If you’re looking for good hypoallergenic makeup to buy, consider this.  

  • The Mascara Trick:

My eyes are easily irritated by mascaras as well. I’ve tried using a lot of mascaras designed for sensitive eyes, but I’ve found that what works the best for me is leaving the roots free of product. If you have naturally dark eyelashes, you are blessed because that means you can leave the roots free of product and protect your eye from getting the product in.

These tips you should help you control the effects of terribly teary and bloodshot eyes.

Author Bio: Jane Williams is a makeup artist and stylist. She is obsessed with fashion, makeup and new makeovers. She regularly blogs at



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