5 Benefits of Massage Therapy in Pregnancy

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Prenatal massages have become a debatable topic these days. While some advocate their importance, others consider them as harm in the growth of a baby. But, let’s make it clear that if done properly, there are a lot of benefits of massage therapy in pregnancy.

If done gently, massage in pregnancy can reap great benefits on the baby. Here are some reasons on why a momma to be should definitely go for massage therapies.

Increased Circulation:

Similar to the regular massages, prenatal massages also improve circulation rate and increase the blood flow to nominal levels. The escalated circulation levels do not only decrease swelling, but also reduces the tingling and numbness in the body that accompany pregnancy.

Getting gentle massages regularly during the last months of pregnancy are highly recommended. Most of the women feel swelling in their feet and legs, and this is where massages kick in to relax them.

Better Respiration:

When women are pregnant, there are a number of factors that can lead to the deterioration of breathing quality. The growth of the baby displaces the organs in the belly, restricting the movements of lungs and diaphragm. This sudden congestion can lead to the decrease in breathing. Getting a regular massage will help improve breathing, relieving the tension caused due to postural changes and organs displacement.

Eases Musculoskeletal Discomfort:

With the growth of the baby, there are a number of postural changes that take place in the body. These pile up into a number of problems that only increase as the pregnancy progresses. To address the intense muscular pain, spasms and discomfort, massage therapy becomes a need of the time.

Due to the soothing pressure in muscles, the build-up tension is released. Expert massage therapists should be contacted during such time for superficial massage work to relieve stress in those muscles. Pregnant women can also buy a massage chair to get some comfort at home.

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Improved Digestion:

Another downside of the pregnancy is that it slows down the digestive system. On the other hand, if the digestion is slow-paced, it can lead to a number of problems including bloating, heartburn, and gall bladder disease etc.

All the symptoms and digestion problems can easily be solved if pregnant women start taking proper massage therapy. Getting a proper massage does not only help in fast digestion, but it also puts an end to all the problems that accompany indigestion. It would be best for all the pre-mommies to get regular massages, because indigestion in pregnancy is definitely a big discomfort.

Reduces Stress:

Among all the other discomforts that a massage therapy has on the body, prenatal stress is greatest of them all. Pregnancy is very stressful; managing regular routine, erratic hormones, fear of becoming a parent and the changes taking place in the body can have a toll on pregnant women.

Instead of wreaking havoc on your body and baby, getting a prenatal massage is the best way to relax an over-processing mind. A good massage takes away a lot of stress, and this is what exactly pregnant women want at this stage.

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