Keeping your veges always interesting

By Evans M Sifa.

Eating can be viewed as an art of food combinations that speak to the tastes,body and mind ~Unknown

Did you know that taste is the biggest determining factor in what kind of food people are most likely to buy?

Wether it’s that creamy white cake or that mayo dripping salad to the cheese,onion topped pizza or your daily home-cooked ugali with tasty greens and fried meat, all this happens deep in your unconscious mind when selecting foods to buy.

In our daily life where busy is mostly all there is, healthy eating and taste isn’t in any of our thought agenda no matter the drive to keep fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Then why not re-invent the taste of your ‘standard’ recipe by following these easy few healthy cooking & eating tips I personally vouch for that give taste an edge no matter the occasion or budget?

A healthy eating style is most often defined  by the moderation,combination, cooking technique and flavor of healthy foods.

Staple food doesn’t need to always taste the same – especially during dinner.

Health foods get a bad reputation for being bland and sometimes downright unpalatable. From sweet potatoes, pumpkin to ‘githeri’. But there are nutrition boosting ways to satisfy your sweet, spicy, and savory cravings. Seriously, you don’t have to choke down boiled greens and unevenly cooked ugali or that blunt tasting bean stew while justifying the health benefits of tasteless food.

i. The next time you cook that ugali, add a little butter (half a tea spoon) and a pinch of table salt to bring out the earthy taste of ugali to your liking.

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ii. Loathe the white looking Cabbages or the plain taste of your usual skuma wiki (kales?) or traditional vegetables? Greens go well with almost any natural spice, ginger, garlic …etc. Just play around with different spices that you use for big day occasions in the kitchen for that ordinary or low budget dinner.

And who said greens need to be chopped into pasta like streams in order to eat? We have been doing things we found people doing; which includes cutting greens. It could be a trip for your taste buds to cut the greens in uneven order like salad, once in a while. Get to preserve the soft texture of the leaves like any other preparation technique in use while saving time and introduce a new way for texture of greens to your tongue. Think soft or hard, mushy or crunchy, or smooth or lumpy. Vegetables don’t have to feel the same.

Pssst! – It’ll get everyone even you hooked, looking forward to dinner time at the end of the day.

#NOTE: Greens need a mild stir to moderate cooking. Overcooking dulls the taste and the nutrients in them.


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