Guest post guidelines.


We have been approached severally concerning guest posts on this platform. We understand the importance of guest posts in Search Engine Optimization, so we welcome them, provided they address the themes contained here.

These themes are:

  • Women & Youth empowerment
  • Motherhood
  • Relationships
  • Hair, Beauty & Fashion
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Disability
  • Poetry
  • Reviews- Books and movies

We currently do not pay for guest posts. We will give you the byline and link it to your social media profiles. You can use the link as reference to your online publication. If you have a blog, we can also re-blog it there.

Avoid articles that market products i.e. with links to marketing websites. We prefer to tell stories. This is a growth platform, you’re welcome to grow together with us. (Those are sponsored posts that should be paid for.) For this, contact us for our rate card.

Ensure you have proofread your posts to avoid much editing. To increase chances of publication, make your articles between 500- 900 words.

If you have good photos to accompany your post, send them as an email attachment. Email articles to, with the subject: Guest Post.

Link building:  Link your article (once published on this site) to your blog. This will build mutually beneficial back links.

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