Broke gentleman or lazy pest?

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Ladies, where do you draw the line? What are the qualifications of this Mr. Right?

Does he have to shower you with exorbitant gifts? Be a poetic piece of person, who can churn out sonnets off the top of his mind? Be the smartest person who can comfortably engage in intelligent discourse without embarrassing you among your friends?

What if he is broke, yet claims to love you? How do you know you are not just a meal ticket?  Yes, you have your means to live a fairly comfortable life. You don’t need a man for that.

You are not the materialistic type that everyone talks about these days. Still, even the most broke among them, have managed to break your heart. Shatter it to small pieces that you had to painfully, slowly, pick up and glue together. It took long, but hey! you finally healed. Finally learnt to trust. Almost foolishly, you finally learnt to let your heart lose, to love again. Life has to go on, doesn’t it?

You meet these guys who are impressed by your achievements. Some, you think would not be with you except for your small time achievements, which seem big to them.

There is the broke ass guy who always came to you whenever he wanted a loan. He came with the excuse of ‘I’ll pay you back’, one too many times, something that was forgotten once the money changed hands. You on the other hand, did not want to come out as mean or stingy. So you kept helping a brother out.

You met another, younger, breed. Same script different cast. Only that this one, you are not sure whether is intimidated or fears you. Just when you are on the verge of breaking it off, in a polite way. To make it seem like, “we can still be friends”, surprises happen. Sometimes he surprises you with some gentleman behavior you had never noticed, something which has a way of melting your heart. ‘Let me cook for you, you seem tired today’, he says.

Will you live with the little you like, or does this mean settling for far less than your standards? Where does the heart gain a mind of its own? I’m dizzy from overthinking. I stop for now.

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I write, read, laugh, sing and sometimes just observe. Many say I am silent in person and outspoken online. I guess it is a trait writers share. Welcome to my world.


Loise · August 16, 2016 at 9:22 am

Mhh, am not sure but more often than note broke a** treats you better than guys with money who are arrogant and want their ego soothed. *Thinking loud*

julieinspire · August 17, 2016 at 8:58 am

Loise, sometimes it’s good to think loud.

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