Run Mama Run: You don’t have to choose.

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Some decisions women reach to are personal. Like the decision to let go of their promising careers in order to start a family. It gets worse if the careers are physically demanding. Say for instance, the career involves lots of physical activity.

One woman, Sarah Bowman has proved the world wrong. She is practicing to make the Olympics, while pregnant. Yes! At 37 weeks, she still works out and runs with her husband as her coach.

The couple is keenly monitoring the development of their unborn daughter, together with doctors. The unborn baby is perfectly growing, a fact that nullifies the common belief that pregnant mothers should avoid strenuous work.

Well, pregnancy should not be seen as an ‘incapacitating disease’, and the sooner the society realizes this fact, the better.

She received some not so pleasant comments from the public concerning her decision. Some people have called her selfish, thinking just about herself.

To prove her critics wrong, she welcomed her healthy daughter earlier this year on March this year, on on March 4.

The 2016 0lympics are scheduled for August 5th – 21st. We wish her all the best, and hope she will make the team.

“I have no idea if you can have it all. I don’t even know if I’ll make the team, but I owe it to my daughter to try”

The five part documentary is the work of my good friends Danielle Anastasion and Nathan Golon. Here is the first part.


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