An open letter to Cyprian Nyakundi


I have never met you in person but I know you are one bitter individual who seems to have many unresolved issues. You are always at war with one brand or another.

I will not mention the brands you have collided with in the past for the obvious reason that they are in the public domain. The recent one you had is something that concerns me though. I will try and give you some advise regarding this. As the bible says,

“Iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another”, Proverbs 27: 17

  1. Do yourself a favor and research properly before writing blog posts. You give bloggers a bad name. There is a lot of brilliant Kenyan Content online produced by bloggers, some of whom are products of Daystar University.
  2. Not all journalists are products of Daystar University. One journalist you cited in your article was not a student of Daystar University. This is not an endorsement to your claims that her journalistic work was sub-standard. Try getting yourself a job in one media house first so that you may compare your skills.
  3. Daystar University’s fees are high without a doubt. Did you also know that some students go through the university totally through scholarships? Yours truly is a product of Daystar’s Work-Study scholarship.
  4. Every learning institution has a few bad products. Hell! Even every home produces a few misfits. Should we generalize and say that those homes are not supposed to be part of the society? Probably the person to do some soul searching is yourself.
  5. Being a keyboard warrior is the in thing according to you. Please do not drag people into your petty brawls with certain individuals. Solve them like a real man. Real men face each other and solve issues.
  6. You need to see a counselor, probably book an appointment with the PHD students at Daystar University’s Nuru Counselling center to help you process some of the conflicts you have within. They can help you explore these issues. They have some cool personality tests by the way. You should try them out.

That being said, what’s the real issue behind your hashtag #BoycottDaystarUni? Weren’t you expelled from some other private university?

I hear they denied you an application letter. That’s because every student who gets enrolled in Daystar University has to have integrity. That’s why we all filled the personal statement when we were applying to join the university.

Views expressed in this post are my own.

2 thoughts on “An open letter to Cyprian Nyakundi

  1. You are entitled to your opinion just like he is.All Nyakundi is doing is calling attentiin to the half baked graduates being churned out of Daystar.That’s all.You as an alumni need to tell your alma mater to Improve their cirricular.Get a grip mebh.

  2. Hello Jane,

    I agree with you about the freedom of expression. However, generalizing the term ‘half baked’ for all students of a learning institution just because of a few visible individuals is wrong.

    However, thank you for your views.

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