Canon Unveils the PIXMA range of refillable ink tank printers

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In my former life I was a graphic designer. I used to know all the corners of Nairobi CBD that offered cheap printing. Then I discovered a cost effective way of printing. Buy a printer, customize it with Continuous Ink Supply System, buy cheap refill inks and voila! My life had been sorted. Smart, Right?

Not so fast. I bought a printer at 28,000 shillings, a CISS system at 7000 shillings, and had the dealer customize it for me. Even to date when I tell the story, I regret the wasted 35,000 shillings. In short, the machine was damaged within two weeks, and the warranty had been voided by customizing it. Anyway, such is the life of an entrepreneur.

This is why when I heard of the new Canon range of printers with CISS, I was excited.

Canon, has announced the launch of three new printers in the East African region under its newly formed “Canon Central and North Africa (CCNA)” business division. The launched printers– the PIXMA G1400, PIXMA G2400 and PIXMA G3400 – are capable of printing up to 7,000 colour and 6,000 black pages from a single set of ink bottles. Featuring Canon’s brand new genuine Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS), each printer uses refillable ink tanks to offer volume printing that significantly reduces ongoing ink expenditure.

The CCNA division was formed in December 2015, to demonstrate Canon’s commitment to operating closer to its customers and meeting their demands in the rapidly evolving African market. The formation of Canon Central and North Africa will energize Canon’s operations across Africa as the strategy of growing reach and engaging customers is rolled out in all African markets that it geographically covers.

Designed for quality, detail and ease, the PIXMA G1400 is a single function printer, while the PIXMA G2400 and PIXMA G3400 are All-in-One printers offering print, scan and copy functionalities.

Each printer incorporates a durable FINE print head system for high quality prints at fast speeds, as well as technology that stops air penetrating the ink feeding tubes, ensuring reliability and stability when printing in high volumes. For prints with high levels of detail the 2pl, 4800×1200 dpi print engine offers smooth gradations and fine detail, perfect for intricate documents or high-quality photographs. Each
model in the range also prints border-less 4 x 6” photos in as little as 601 seconds.

The new compact refillable ink tank models combine an aesthetic design and ease of use. The four high-yield, front facing ink tanks are immediately visible, making it simple and fast to check ink levels, while the uniquely designed ink bottles make topping up a quick and mess-free task.

The package comes with an extra set of refill inks, meaning that you have 14,000 color copies and 12,000 black copies before thinking of refilling your ink. Now the catch is that the refill inks go for 3000 shillings per bottle. There are 4 bottles of ink. Black, Cyan, Magenta and yellow. You do the math.

This is a small sacrifice considering my experience with a printer that broke down after two weeks of purchase.

Which brings me to the warranty. All their machines come with a one year warranty in case of any malfunction. They also support their products for seven years after manufacture, which means that you can get their spare parts in the market, with


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