Bunk Bed designs to maximize on bedroom space

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Children’s rooms can be one big mess if you do not take advantage of the available space to keep everything organized. I came across a brilliant idea to maximize in the little space you may have available.

Some of the designs act as your children’s room decor, yet they also serve the purpose of organizing the room. Here are some designs that I fund practical in our typical urban houses that are short of the much needed space.

  1. Bed StorageThis bunk bed is an ideal storage space. It has drawers on the side which you can use to organize all the clutter that a boys’ room has. It even has extra sleeping space for those sleep overs. It is disguised as a drawer. I also love  the fact that the stairs are built securely to avoid any unpleasant falling accidents.
  2. Bunk Bed 2

Now this one looks like a teenage girls’ room. I like the fact that the bed has been made to maximize on the wall space. Also the colorful drawers that double up  as stairs to the top bunk. The top bunk bed has some sort of wardrobe as it’s base. Good luck though to those who like this design, because in my opinion, it looks like an in built thing.

3.Bunk Bed 3

This looks more mature. A lower bunk bed that has wheels to move it out during sleep time. Can I get an Amen from my bedsitter mates. This is the ultimate space saver. It even has a chest of drawers to keep you all organized.

4. Bunk bed 4

Shall we call this a playhouse/ study room/ bedroom? Perfect for siblings, the lower one for the older sibling while the upper one for the younger.

These designs have been borrowed from Creativity Design Facebook page. You can see more designs in the album. 


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