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I have a brilliant niece- Beverly Rose. This girl asks tough questions for an eight year old. She is also one of those children who will not sit and look at a mess. She will clear and clean up the house, even attempt to do the dishes despite her vertical challenge.

Yesterday, I paid them a visit and was massively entertained. She is not known to laugh loudly. She just says things that make others laugh while she looks at them like… “What are you laughing at?”

As it turns out, Bev has been under the weather lately. She has been experiencing some respiratory issues. Her mother took her to hospital. She was given a dosage of Ventolin syrup with the recommendation of 700ml times three. Now, Bev being the responsible eight year old she is, was left at home after being given the morning dosage of Ventolin.

As expected, Bev would naturally take the lunch time dosage of medicine. Bev being my sister’s last born, she does not have a house help. After all, if her last born is this responsible, what’s the need for a house help?

Come evening, my sister asked her daughter,

“Mom, did you take your medicine?”

Bev: “No.”

“Why didn’t you? It says here, you take it three times.”

Bev: “Mom, am I a child?”

“Yes mom, you are a child.”

Bev: “It also says on the pack, ‘Keep from reach of children’. I saw that and kept off.”

How responsible?


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