16 Things to have for that Roadtrip

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Holidays are ideal for road-trips, that enable you to get away from the hustle and bustle of the fast paced daily life. To make your experience memorable, you need to be prepared. Why not get a group of friends and carpool for that road-trip?

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There are things that are essential for every successful road-trip. We give you a few suggestions here.

1. Books- You need to break the monotony of stories, games and music with some good reads. That book you have been reading and want to finish could be a good companion on this trip.
2. Water- It is advisable to keep yourself hydrated enough for optimal body cells function. You can buy bottled water for ease of consumption.
3. Snacks- You need to keep your body fueled. Pack snacks that are easy to eat on the go.
5. Tissue paper and wet wipes- You need to ensure hygiene as you travel.
6. Hand Sanitizers- You don’t need to waste water on a road-trip. a hand sanitizer would make sure you kill germs.
7. Games- These depend on your preferences. Apart from the person driving, the other people need to keep themselves busy. You can bring board games, cards, or just think of creating different bonding games that can be played while sited.
8. Blanket- You need to keep warm during the night as you drive. Ensure you pack some light blankets for your road-trip.
9. Change of clothing- Depending on how many days your road trip is going to last for, you should pack your change of clothing accordingly. Make sure you consider the weather. During hot weather, pack appropriate clothes that would ensure your comfort.
10. Good Music- There’s nothing as boring as driving in silence. Even the most talkative of people ran out of stories. So, to make sure the driver is alert, some good music is a necessity for times like these.
11. Power Banks- You are on the road and would love to stay connected to the world. Your phones may run out of power. Your cameras also may run out of charge. Which is why it is important to pack fully charged power banks.
12. Cameras- The essence of any field trip is to capture the sights and probably the sounds. You need a good camera for this very important task.
13. Extra drivers- Long distance driving can be a daunting task. You need to have at least two to three people who know how to drive, for you to swap and let each other rest.
14. Enough cash- You need to have enough money for the fuel, food or any unforeseen eventualities that might occur.
15. Trash bags- We all want to keep the environment clean. To achieve this, make sure you pack enough disposal bags for your litter. These can be then thrown at the different stopovers you make.
16. First Aid Kit- Always be prepared for the worst case scenario. Have a basic first aid kit with you to take care of any injuries.

That is our list. We would like to hear from you. What do you consider essential for a road-trip?

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