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Shea by Asal Soaps

I am one person who is not  so big on facial products. I would classify myself as a late adopter in the consumer  graph. Which is why when I found this gem, I had to share.

Shea By Asal is a line of products by Asal Investments. I bumped into them at the Prestige Plaza parking lot. They sell products made  of shea butter from Sudan. From hair pomades, hair oils to different soaps written about by Kurly Kichana on this post.

The first time I bought Turmeric soap. I was just attracted by the shape of the soap. I also asked a little about the importance of turmeric to the skin. I must say that I saw its benefits as it made my face smooth.

The next time I went there, I bought small soaps of different flavors. There was the coffee soap that functioned like an exfoliating  scrub. The collection also had a shampoo bar that I have used for washing my hair regularly.

These soaps were miniature molded and cost only a hundred shillings per piece. That’s a good deal for someone who wants to try out a product. Speaking of miniature, I have not yet exhausted a month later.

Perhaps you should try their products, especially for those of us with natural hair.

You can visit their Facebook page to view more of their products.

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gabriel obonyo · December 29, 2016 at 8:58 pm

If I want to purchase your products by wholesale can you allow me to do so.

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