Fun Places in Nairobi for a family day out on a budget

Garden City mall grounds.
Garden City mall grounds.

Children love that day out full of fun, once in a while. An outing for those lovelies doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. There are several places in Nairobi where your children can enjoy themselves despite the status of your wallet.

  1. Uhuru Park is an ideal open space for relaxation. What’s more, there are swings, boats, and merry-go-rounds at affordable prices. You can just pack a picnic bag and go relax as your children have fun.
  2. Uhuru Gardens is another scenic area, in Langatta. There are several activities to keep your young ones amused. Among the fun activities are horse rides, camel rides, face painting and lots of playing area.
  3. Arboretum grounds, along state house roadis another public space that you can access without an entrance fee. You might want to carry play equipment like skipping ropes and balls to keep those lovelies busy. The arboretum is one of those tranquil places that you can just go with a book and read while enjoying nature.
  4. Garden City Mall  The grounds are just heavenly. There is green grass which you can just sit on and have a picnic. There are bouncing castles, slides and a shallow play pool for the kids.
  5. Thika Road Mall (TRM) has rooftop kids entertainment that would keep any child busy. From toy helicopters, trampoline, to water shooting games. They even have smart cards which parents top up with cash and swipe at the games their children are interested in.
  6. Prestige Plaza rooftop parking has some amazing kids entertainment. There is also a food court that you can sit on and watch your kids play. If you live near Ngong Road, then this is a joint you should visit. They also have ample parking.
  7. Rock City Kiambu road is another hangout that’s ideal for a family day out. Everything at Rock City is at affordable prices. 100-150 Ksh for rides, bouncy castle or swimming. Nice lively environment and atmosphere. I hear there are also horse rides.
  8. Nairobi NV Lunar Park next to railway club is also a fun place to consider. They have merry go rounds, bouncing castles, octopuses and many more.

What can other fun places a family go to? I’d like to hear from you. Just add them to the comments section.

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