Meet the new kid on the block #QwetuRadio.

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A new addition to Nairobi’s radio entertainment portfolio has been unveiled today. It is a Swahili radio station. The lineup of presenters is a thing of familiarity with people used to tuning in to radio frequencies in Nairobi.

  1. Vincent Ateya- He recently left Milele FM and will be hosting the Qwetu Asubuhi, a morning gospel show, that runs from 4am-6am.
  2. Mogaka- Popularly known for his theatrics on Milele FM, will also be a voice on Qwetu. He is a co-presenter with Vincent Ateya on Qwetu Asubuhi from 6am-10am.
  3. Donah Kaya will be hosting Qwetu Kazini, from 10am-1pm. The mid-morning show is meant to be engaging and entertaining.
  4. Zulekha will co-host this show with Dorah. They like the modern-day mwananchi exemplify the conflicts in our culture.
  5. Nyosh Gathu is a brother to Jimmy Gathu. He will be hosting  Qwetu Jioni from 3pm-7pm. This show is envisaged to give its audience non-stop fuel to make it through the final part of their day. Nyosh is the sultry-voiced, well educated individual who is informed about emerging trends, and is accommodating enough to embrace the new way of life.
  6. Awinja, Jacky Vike, is the co-host of this show. Awinja is the house-manager who is wishful – as is expressed in her story telling style.

There are definitely other shows on the lineup. Qwetu will be airing on frequencies 95.3 FM in Nairobi, 99.1 FM in Kisumu and 92.0 FM in Mombasa. Something they promise you is Rhumba music. So ‘Karibu Nyumbani’- swahili for welcome home.

15 thoughts on “Meet the new kid on the block #QwetuRadio.

  1. Thats a very graet work bt jst bare with us and extent your waves to western i.e webuye na eldy we totaly miss yu pple (viny na mogaka ) alafu if possible trend ya mogaka na maggy washikilie morng show manze yu wil catch all over koz hyo collabo yao ilikuwa tamu na ya ucheshi sana so try ua best koz we r ua faithful funs tunawakosa sana.

  2. you have hiden your address, since iwanted to apply internship in this educative and entertaining radio. but your shows ziko juu. .student mount kenyanmuniversity

  3. student at mount kenya university.request for internship.i have searched for your address but i cant find it

  4. Nawapata kwa mpigo nikiwa Thika. Ateya I missed your voice na Mogaka. I lyk every bit Qwetu fm. Ikiwezekana nadai Massawe Jappani na Mtoto wa kike Maggy Waithera wakaribishwe nyumbani. Mwalimu nathan kutoka m.k.u thika. Planning to undetake MassComm & median after my course and join u great people.

  5. Qwetu radio yaingia kwa kishindo na mpigo. Lyk every show here. I missed the voices of Vinny Atesh & Mogash. Awinja napendelea ucheshi wako vikali sana. Ikiwezekana naomba tuwakaribishe Massawe Jappani na Mtoto wa kike Maggy waithera nyumbani pia. Nawapata nikiwa m.k.u thk. Planning to undertake MassComm & Media after the current course that am taking. Long to meet this great team of mentors. Mwalimu wa lugha 2nd yr m.k.u.

  6. All the presenters qwetu thanking you for the great job you are doing to ensure your fans are entertained, refreshed and taught.The good music you play for us we thank you as the fans of qwetu…..nawawakilisha kutoka upande wa tinderet…..Already tuko nyumbani lakini bado twaendelea kusema KARIBU NYUMBANI

  7. Hi, am a journalism student parsuing a diploma at Zetech Uiversity currently looking for intership at Qwetu radio kindly updete me on the currently intershup recruitment

  8. Mlipokuwa Mombasa ufuo wa pirates, niliongea na mmoja wa watangazaji wa Qwetu FM iwapo ningepata nafasi ya attachment katika studio zenu.
    Mimi ni mwanafunzi wa Uwanahabari na Mawasiliano katika chuo kikuu cha Moi. Ningependa sana kuungana na Qwetu FM ili nikuze maarifa yangu katika Uwanahabari.

  9. I love this station sooo much.Good job entertaining your listeners Qwetu Radio. The Rhumba music you played is very awesome.

  10. I really like the station wish in near future to work with you guys iam studying communication at Daystar University wish to joint you soon

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