Darling unveils their new Aliana relaxer product range

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Walk the streets of Nairobi any rainy day and you would understand that a woman’s hair is her number one priority. You never know where paper bags come from. They just appear to protect the glory of women. Darling, East Africa leading hair product manufacturer, knows this too well. Their range of products are very famous in the Kenyan Market.

They have launched its first range of hair relaxer products, Aliyana aimed at addressing African hair challenge. This will expand their product portfolio. Darling is known for their braids and weaves as well as hair care products.

This launch comes at a time when there is a growing perception among Kenyan women that straight and dark hair is attractive, easy to manage and more beautiful than naturally curly hair, which is increasingly perceived as difficult to manage, according to the 2015 Hair Care in Kenya Euro-monitor report.

The Business head for Cham Industries, the manufacturer of Aliyana and Darling range of cosmetics, Mr. Deepak Varanasi said that the entry of Aliyana into the market was based on a market need for a customized African hair relaxer.

“Over the years, our ladies have been using relaxers which are not customized, this has resulted in numerous hair concerns including hair loss and burnt scalps”, Mr. Varanasi said. “Aliyana is a product of years of research on the Kenyan woman hair which has resulted in a reliable brand with enhanced ingredients and tested deliverables,” he added.

According to the Euromonitor report, Kenya’s growing middle class and rising disposable income levels, increased investment by international players in hair care, growing numbers of professional hair care salons and increased product quality are all set to promote value and volume growth in the category over the forecast period. Consumer spending on hair care is expected to rise due to increased knowledge and product awareness gained from increased marketing campaigns, more affordable products and the wider variety of products included within these product ranges.

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