Not all trending hashtags are worth jumping into

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All images from twitter

All images from twitter

Tuesday morning I forgot my phone in the house, so I was offline for the better part. By the time I was logging on to the internet, there was a lot of activity I had missed. It seems we are so used to  our devices that staying without them just makes our world come to a stop.

I realized among the top trending topics on twitter was #Bro Ocholla. Someone had leaked a screenshot of his sexually explicit message posted accidentally on a WhatsApp prayer cell group. This is the leaked screenshot from Embakasi Prayer cell.

Bro Ocholla

Bro Ocholla trended on Twitter for two days. Someone even went to his WhatsApp and derived his profile photo. This just shows how public our private lives can be. Now, I would excuse tweeps who jumped onto the hashtag, because Twitter can be a cruel place.

Two groups of people I  am faulting here are the prayer cell nembers and the corporates. The prayer cell member who took the screen shot and leaked it ought to know that Christians should cover one another,  not expose each other’s faults.

No one deserves to go through the humiliation that Bro. Ocholla went through. Even Christians have good sex. The fuss about bro. Ocholla being a hypocrite are unfair. Christians are human beings with normal passions.

The surprising thing is the number of corporates that took advantage of the hashtag, marketing themselves. This was cyber bullying going on, yet they overlooked that fact and shamelessly marketed themselves. Some felt safe to jump in after seeing the big  ones like Kenya Airways, DSTV and Orange. Here are some of the tweets.


DSTVGulf EnergyWigot GardensThe Ideal spaceShellKIM



I write, read, laugh, sing and sometimes just observe. Many say I am silent in person and outspoken online. I guess it is a trait writers share. Welcome to my world.


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