Does the digital economy pay?

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Blogging can be fun, if you keep at it with all your might it might just fulfill your goals. It gets you out there, you get opportunities to write on other platforms if you are worth your salt.

Most of these platforms unfortunately have a currency that does not make sense according to Magunga. You start blogging as a hobby but somewhere along the way, you realize you have bills to be paid.

This is the reason for the digital camp Kenya 2015 to be held on 6th- 8th November, at Naivasha Crayfish Campsite. This year’s theme is “Harnessing the digital economy in Kenya.” It is the first ever meeting of its kind in Kenya, that will bring together different stakeholders in the digital economy.

Digital Camp Kenya is an annual digital economy and content conference we have organized to foster community relations between Kenyan online content creators and the various stakeholders that operate in the digital space.It will bring together online content creators, developers, artists, PR practitioners, marketers, digital professionals, social media influencers and those interested in online content generation. We will have master classes, fireside chats, team building exercises and networking sessions on digital advertising, online content creation, citizen journalism and free expression. It will be an opportunity for the community to network, and form lasting relationships in this niche but growing industry. You can read more about it here.

Tickets for the camp are going for 3,500 for BAKE members and 4,500 for non-BAKE members. This will cater for your transport, accommodation and food. Registration details and information on the speakers are on this link.
There are limited slots available so hurry and book yours today.


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