Ignorant Biases and stereotypes

Huruma Girls
Huruma Girls

Ever met someone who expresses their ignorant biases confidently? I once worked at a motor garage, in a car spares shop. Yaani, me, a sales lady. Talk of a colorful career. But my career is not the topic in focus in this post. Granted! I’ve had a colorful career and met equally interesting individuals along my journey.

Today, the one my memory chose to shine its spotlight on, is one slim, proud and loud Luo man. He had brought his German machine for servicing. I don’t remember what the story was about, but I mentioned that I had gone to Huruma Girls’ High School. Mr Bossman blasted me that I had to keep quiet.

I know of my classmates at Huruma Girls who would have put him in his place. Now, that was among some ignorant biases that exist. Olivia, I am sorry I let you down. I didn’t defend our heritage –misericordia. The proud man said that Huruma Girls was not a school. That people who came from such schools should not even speak in the presence of others. He said he only recognized people from national schools.

Now, hearing this after having gone through the day provincial school grudgingly, further dropped my 19-year-old self-esteem. I wanted to go to a boarding school, yet my mother thought otherwise. She decided I was better placed in a day school that was a ‘walking distance’ to avoid the hustle of public transport. Just about 100 kilometres away from our house. Not that far. I digress.

About this proud man who had the audacity to voice his misguided biases, I think owning a big car is not synonymous to wisdom. Who knows, maybe the big car wasn’t his in the first place. Here is the juncture where I warn myself of the biases I too have developed. Biases are generalizations that lead to stereotypes. Like making a blanket statement that Luo men are proud.

In the same light, I know that my former high school produced some industry leaders. We have medical doctors, directors, presidential awardees, and successful business people all over the world. Let no one spoil your shine by their misinformed biases. Prove them all wrong by being the best version of yourself. My Huruma Girls’ classmates, please come here.

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