First Wedding Anniversary? Ways to make it Special.

By Jessica Brown

Time flies when you are happy. It feels as if only yesterday you made those vows and it’s already time to celebrate your first wedding anniversary. The credit goes to your spouse who made every day of the year special for both of you.

So, it is time for you to return all the affection by making the day special for him. Going by the traditions, it is the responsibility of men to surprise the lady and plan out the day for the first wedding anniversary. However, there is nothing wrong in bending the trend. Instead of expecting anything from him, confess your feeling with a special plan.

Listed below are some of the ways that can make the day memorable for both of you. Check them out and let the spark flying.

  1. Plan an exotic trip
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The first honeymoon was planned and executed by your hubby. It is your turn now. Make an action plan and take him for your second honeymoon. This is a perfect way to celebrate the day if the anniversary is somewhere around the weekend. List out some exotic locations for honeymoon couples and finalize a place that is feasible for you. In case, if a getaway plan is not feasible for you, then you can book an over-night resort. Spend an exotic night at some enticing place.

  1. Relive your first date
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This is one of the most romantic ways to reflect on the beautiful memories of the past. Recreate the scenario of your first date. Take him to the place where you first met or plan a dinner at the restaurant where you had your fist dinner together. Trip down the memory lane can make any occasion special.

  1. Throw a surprise party
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I know this can be tricky. There is a possibility that he is planning the same for you. So, talk to his friends and make sure that he is not doing the same. Start preparing for the party only when you are sure about it. Take the help of your family and friends and plan out a get-together. You need not plan anything grand. Just invite your close ones and have a blast together. The presence of your loved ones will add more fun to the event.

  1. Gifts
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Presents? It goes without saying. No matter what you plan for the day, gifts are a must-have. Make sure that you give something that is useful. So that, he is able to keep it with him all day long. When it comes to shopping for men, gadgets are the safest option.

  1. Spend some quality time together
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This is something that your man will definitely love. Instead of going out or inviting your friends over, spend some time alone at home. You can set a candle light dinner at your place. Decorate the place with flowers and candles. Prepare his favorite food and rejuvenate your intimate affairs. Dress up like it’s your first date. Wear something that he loves. Remember to keep the makeup subtle and simple. You can spruce up your look with a trendy ombre clip in hair extension. This will give you an effortless jazzy look.

He must have confessed his love loud and clear many times before. Take this opportunity and tell him the importance he holds in your life. Be thoughtful and plan something different. Happy wedding anniversary!

Author Bio:-  I’m Jessica Brown, a writer by passion. I’ve years of experience in writing for women fashion and lifestyle. With a keen interest in hair styles, hair care, styling tips and hair extensions and color, I like to add value to the readers with my ideas.

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